Scholarship Programs

We as a team put emphasize on quality teaching and smart education.

We are preparing our students to compete in this highly challenging world. Our specialized trained faculties are putting their efforts in carving the future of their students in such a way so that they will outcome as champions !

Scholarships create those platforms where students get rewarded for their intelligence and brilliant performances. Through scholarships, students or young employees can boost their career growth without getting worried about financial conditions. Several important scholarships bring numerous opportunities to students, so that, they can move their career path towards success and prosperity.

There are various reasons why students require scholarships in several fields such as Engineering, Medical, Arts, Commerce, etc. Among all these, the most common phrase which has been searched on Google on a humongous level is “MEDICAL SCHOLARSHIP”. According to some educational surveys, private tuitions and the university fees in any stream are gradually getting increased which is why students who live in penury, are failing to set their goals in their desirable filed due to their poor economic condition. In this case, the scholarship can help them to overcome any economic condition and eventually get a successful career in life. The medical scholarship does not only open gates for students who are willing to crack the NEET entrance exam, but it also creates opportunities in other fields of medical industries such as nursing, dental, pharma etc. as well.

Apart from the financial benefits, scholarships have other benefits too. scholarships can help a student to pursue his/her dream in abroad as well. Through various scholarship programs students can get an opportunity to develop international skills that will further help him/her to establish his/her career in prestigious fields.

With this helpful thought, Eternal Career Classes has taken the initiative to prepare their students with their coaching classes, so that, they can face the high competition in an effective way.

Eternal Career Classes that locates in Ranchi, Jharkhand, is purveying the medical scholarship programs in various colleges and universities.

Eternal Career Classes is the leading medical entrance coaching institution where students are getting high quality of training which will help them to crack several medical entrance exams as NEET, AIIMS etc. After securing a good score in entrance exam, deserving students will be getting to participate in their scholarship programs which will help them to get successful in medical industry. Utilize the scholarship services of Eternal Career Classes in order to attain a fulfilling life.


We deliver world class training with updated training modules


Our Coaching Services are crafted to excel all required skills


Our Online Exams are targeted to updated modules.


We provide Admission services to all students to get started.


We are leading medical entrance coaching institute in Ranchi, Jharkhand. We provide preparatory coaching classes for NEET, AIIMS & medical entrance examination.

Foundation Course (9th &10th)

The 2-year value add program at BASE is aimed to create a solid foundation for the students aiming to pursue a career in engineering, medical and pure sciences.

Foundation Course (11th &12th)

The Foundation Course is the best course for 11th & 12 class aspirants because this course carefully sets the students on a strong root path.

Why Eternal Career Classes?

We are preparing our students to compete in this highly challenging world

Experienced Faculty

Team of full-time, senior professors with depth of experience who strive to deliver responsible education

Performance Evaluation

Monitoring of individual students’ performance, regular reporting to parents on progress and Open House on a periodic basis


Modern infrastructure, air-conditioned, sound proof, state-of-the-art classrooms that foster learning

Network Of Success

Strongly networked community; Ex-students help our students build connections and offer career guidance

Perfect Team

We have team of motivated staffs to help our students select correct career path from the beginning


We have accessible centers, close to suburban stations thus saving precious study time for our students.

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