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1. Look at this series: 12, 11, 13, 12, 14, 13, … What number should come next?
2. Direction: If English alphabet is written in reverse order then-
 If the 2nd half of an English alphabet is written in reverse order, which letter will be the 5th at left from 21st letter from left?

Write the next number in the series:
35, 28, 22, 17, 13, 10, 8, ……….     

4. Look at this series: 36, 34, 30, 28, 24, … What number should come next?
5. 10 coaches of a passenger train have got derailed and have blocked the railway track from both ends. Courses of action:

I. The railway authorities should immediately send men and equipment and clear the spot
II. All the trains running in both directions should be diverted immediately via other routes.
6. If ‘white’ is called ‘blue’ , ‘blue’ is called ‘red’, ‘red is called ‘yellow’, ‘yellow is called ‘green’, ‘green is called ‘black’ , ‘black’ is called ‘violet’, ‘violet is called ’orange’, then what would be the colour of human blood?
7. Which word does NOT belong with the others?
8. Reentry occurs when a person leaves his or her social system for a period of time and then returns. Which situation below best describes Reentry?
9. Posthumous Award occurs when an award is given to someone, after their death. Choose one situation below as the best example of Posthumous Award.
10. An Informal Gathering occurs when a group of people get together in a casual, relaxed manner. Which situation below is the best example of an Informal Gathering?
11. Parts : Strap :: Wolf : What comes after this?
12. If the 2nd half of an English alphabet is written in the reverse sequence, which will be the 6th letter at right from the 18th letter from left?

Complete the series:

81, 69, 58, 48, 39, ……….
14. Safe : Secure :: Protect : What comes after this?
15. Find the next number in the sequence:
16. The ‘M’ state government has decided hence forth to award the road construction contracts through open tenders only. Courses of action:

I. The ‘M’ state will not be able to get the work done swiftly as it will have to go through tender and other procedures.
II. Hence forth the quality of roads constructed may be far better.
17. If 11 (170)16, 11(203)19, then value of 17(?)18 will be –
18. The Sharks and the Bears each finished with 34 points, and they are now battling it out in a five-minute overtime.
19. Paw : Cat :: Hoof : What comes after this ?
20. If 72 * 96 = 6927,  58 * 87 = 7885,  then 79 x 86 = ?
21. Which word does NOT belong with the others?
22. A man coming out of the back door of his house which is facing east, walked for one kilometer, turned to his right and walked for another kilometer. Then he turned to his right and walked a kilometer again. Where was he from his house at the end?
23. The ‘A’ state government has chalked out a plan for the underdeveloped ‘B’ district where 66% of the funds will be placed in the hands of a committee of local representatives.
Courses of action:

I. The ‘A’ state government should decide guidelines and norms for the functioning of the committee.
II. Other state government may follow similar plan if directed by the Central government.
24. Pick the odd man out?
25. Sharada started to move in the direction of south. After moving 15 meters, she turned to her left – twice and moved 15 meters each time. Now how far is she and in which direction from her starting point?
26. In each of the following letter series, some of the letters are missing which are given in that order as one of the alternative below it. Choose the correct alternative.

_ _ m n m _ _ n m _ _ n m _ m n

27. Statement: Anger is energy, in a more proactive way and how to channelize it is in itself a skill.

Assumptions: I. Anger need to be channelized.
II. Only skillful people can channelize anger to energy.

28. CUP : LIP :: BIRD : What comes after this?

Complete the series:

1, 2, 3, 5, 8,13, ……


If    6 * 5 = 91
8 * 7 = 169    
10 * 7 = 211

Then, 11 * 10 =?

31. Statement: Medicine ‘P’ is a drug which is causing ripples in the medical field.

Assumptions: I. No other drug is causing ripples in the medical field.
II. Medicine ‘P’ is a great drug.
32. Direction: If English alphabet is written in reverse order then-
 Which letter is 5th at right of 12 from right?
33. Which letter is seventh from left of 16th from right in English alphabet?

144  (132) 121
64      (?)     100 
What will be the right answer ?

35. Which word is the odd man out?
36. If a legislature decides to fund agricultural subsidy programs, national radio, and a small business loan program, what 2 other programs they can found?
37. Look at this series: 2, 1, (1/2), (1/4), … What number should come next?

Supply the missing figure:

 1, 4, 9, 16, 25 ,….., 49


Write the next number in the series:

14, 16, 13, 17, 12, 18, 11, ………


Complete the series:

1, 8, 27, 64, 125, 216, ….

41. If the letters of an English alphabet are written in the reverse order, which will be the 4th letter at right from the 13th letter from left?
42. Two squads of soldiers A and B, facing East and West respectively received the following commands – Left Turn, About Turn, Right Turn, and Left Turn. Which direction would the squads A and B face at the end?
43. Alert villagers nabbed a group of bandits armed with murderous weapons. Courses of action:

I. The villagers should be provided sophisticated weapons.
II. The villagers should be rewarded for their courage and unity.
44. A = 14 (290) 15 
B= 16 (330) 17
C= 18(?) 19

What will be the right answer?

45. Look at this series: 80, 10, 70, 15, 60, … What number should come next?
46. Melt : Liquid :: Freeze : What comes after this?
47. The car dealer found that there was a tremendous response for the new XYZ’s car booking with long queues of people complaining about the duration of business hours and arrangements. Courses of action:

I. People should make their arrangement of lunch and snacks while going for car XYZ’s booking and be ready to spend several hours.
II. Arrangement should be made for more booking desks and increase business hours to serve more people in less time.
48. Which word is the odd man out?
49. Look at this series: 7, 10, 8, 11, 9, 12, … What number should come next?
50. A Tiebreaker is an additional contest carried out to establish a winner among tied contestants. Choose one situation from the options below that best represents a Tiebreaker.


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