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1. A conducting square frame of side ‘a’ and a long straight wire carrying current I are located in the same plane as shown in the figure. The frame moves to the right with a constant velocity ‘V’. the emfinduced in the frame will be proportional to
2. The electric current in a circuit is given by i=io(t/τ ) for some time. Calculate the rms current for the period t=0 to t=τ .
3. Transformers are used
5. If the number of turns per unit length of a coil of solenoid is doubled , the self-inductance of the solenoid will
6. The standard state Gibbs free energy change for the given isomerization reaction cis-2- pentene trans-2-pentene ⇌ is -3.67 kJ/mol at 400K. if more trans-2-pentene is added to the reaction vessel, then
7. A magnetic needle suspended parallel to a magnetic field requires √3 J of work to turn it through 60o. the torque needed to maintain the needle in this position will be
8. The value of KP for the following reaction 2H2S(g) ⇌ 2H2(g) +S2(g) is 1.2X10-2 at 106.5o the value of Kc for this reaction is
9. Two coils have a mutual inductance 0.005 H. the current changes in the first coil according to equation l=lo=10A and =100π radian/sec. the maximum value of e.m.f. in the second coil is
10. Equal volumes of monoatomic and diataomic gases at same initial temperature and pressure are mixed. the ratio of specific heats of the mixture (Cp/Cv)will be
11. A current of 2.5 A flows through a coil of inductance 5H. the magnetic flux linked with the coil is
12. A constant current of 2.8 A exists in a resistor. The rms current is
13. A series R-C circuit is connected to an alternating voltage source. Consider two situations:
       a. When capacitor is air filled.
      b. When capacitor is mica filled.
Current through resistor is I and voltage across capacitor is V then:
14. In which of the following reactions, standard reaction entropy change ( So) is positive and standard Gibbs’s energy change( Go) decreases sharply with increasing temperature ?
15. Current is flowing in a coil of area A and number of turns N, then magnetic moment of the coil, M is
16. The instantaneous values of alternating current and voltages in a circuit are given as
i=1/(√2) sin (100πt) amper
e=1/(√2) sin (100πt+π/3) volt
the average power in watts consumed in the circuit is:
17. For reaction A(g) +B(g) AB(g) we start with 2 moles of A and B each. At equilibrium 0.8 moles of AB is formed. Then how much of A changes to AB
18. An inductor a resistor and a capacitor are joined in series with an AC source. As the frequency of the source is slightly increased from a very low value, the reactance
19. A coil of resistance 400 Ω is placed in a magnetic field. If the magnetic flux (wb) linked with the coil varies with time t (sec) as  =50t2+4. The current in the coil at t=2 sec is:
20. An AC source I rated 220 V, 50 Hz. The average voltage is calculated in in a time interval of 0.01 s. it
21. Given the following reaction at equilibrium
N2(g) +3H2(g)  ⇌ 2NH3(g). Some inert gas at constant pressure is added to the system . predict which of the following facts will be affected:
22. For reaction 2NOCI(g) ⇌ 2NO(g)+CI2(g), Kc at 427oC is 3X10-6 L mol-1 the value of Kp is nearly
23. The enthalpy and ebtropy change for the raction,
Br2(Ꙇ)+Cl2) 2BrBr(Cl(g)
Are 30 kj mol-1 and 105 jK-1 mol-1 respectively. The temperature at which the reaction will be in be in equilibrium is:
24. The heart of neutralisation a strong acid and a strong alkali is 57.0 KJ mol-1 the heart released when 0.5 mol of HNO3 solution is mixed with 0.2 mole of KOH is
25. Power dissipated in an LCRS series circuit connected to an a.c source of emf ԑ is

26. For the equilibrium 2NOBr(g) 2NO(g) Br2(g), calculate the ratio Kp/P, where is the total pressure and  PBr2at a certain temperature.
27. An alternating current is given.
I=i1cos ωt+i2 sin ωt.
The rms current is given by

28. For the reaction A+B+Q ⇌  C+D, if the temperature is increased, than concentration of the products will
29. When 4 g of iron is burnt to ferric oxide at constant pressure, 29. 98 kj of heat is evolved. What is the enthalpy of formation of ferric oxide (at.wt.of Fe=56)
30. A bar magnet. Of magnetic moment M ⃗ , is placed in a magnetic field of induction B ⃗ . the torque exerted on it is
31. A 100 millihenry coil carries a current of 1 a. energy stored in its magnetic field is
32. In which of the following system, doubling the volume of the container cause a shift to the right
33. In an A.C. circuit with voltage V  and current I the power dissipated is
34. A bar magnet of length ‘l’ and magnetic dipole moment ‘M’ is bent in the form of an arc as shown in figure. The new magnetic dipole moment will be

35. If θ1 and θ2 be the apparent angles of dip observed in two vertical planes at right angles to each other, then the true angle of dip θ is given by:-
36. 2 moles of PCl2 was heated in a closed vessel of 2 litre capacity. At equilibrium, 40% of PCI5 is dissociated into and CI2. The value of equilibrium constant is
37. The AC voltage across a resistance can be measured using
38. In the manufacture of NH3by Haber’s process, the condition which would give maximum yield is
N2+3H2 ⇌  2NH3+ Q kcal
39. Figure shows a circuit that contains three identical resistors with resistance R=9.0͐Ω each, two identical inductors with inductance L=2.0 mH each, and an ideal battery with emf ԑ=18V. the current ‘i’ through the battery just after the switch closed is
40. Combustion of glucose takes place according to the equation, C6 H12 O6 +6O2 6CO2+6H2O, H=-72 kcal. How much energy will be required for the production of 1.6 g of glucose (Molecular mass of glucose=180 g)
41. A series AC circuit has a resistance of 4Ω and a reactance of 3 Ω. The impedance of the circuit is
42. Consider the following reactions:
43. Consider the reactions
PCl5(g) ⇌ PCl3(g)+Cl2(g)
N2O4(g)  ⇌ 2NO2(g)
The addition of an inert gas at constant volume
44. A chemical reaction is catalyzed by a catalyst X. hence X
45. The time constant of C-R circuit is
46. Find the time required for a 50 Hz alternating current to change its value from zero to the rms value.
47. The r.m.s. value of potential difference V shown in the figure is
48. In an inductor of self-inductance L=2 mH, current changes with time according to relation i=t2et. at what time emf is zero?
49. Which of the following factors will favour the reverse reaction in a chemical equilibrium
50. The enthalpy of combustion of C6H6(Iiq) is -3250 kj. When 0.39 g of benzene is burnt excess of oxygen I an open vessel , the amount of heat evolved is
51. The magnetic moment of a diamagnetic atom is
52. In an ac circuit an alternating voltage e=200 √2 sin 100 t volts is connected to a capacitor of capacity 1µF. the r.m.s. value of the current in the circuit is
53. Two coils of self inductances 2 mH and 8 mH are placed so close together that the effective flux in one coil is completely linked with the other. The mutual inductance between these coils is
54. From the following bond energies:

H-H bond energy: 431.37 kj mol-1

C=C bond energy: 606.10 kj mol-1

C—C bond energy: 336.49 kj mol-1

C-H bond energy: 410.50 kj mol-1

Enthalpy for the reaction will be:
55. The peak voltage in a 220 V AC source is
56. A circular disc of radius 0.2 meter is placed in a uniform magnetic field of induction (1/πWb/m2) in such a way that its axis makes an angle of 60o with . the magnetic flux linked with the disc is:
57. According to curie’s law, the magnetic susceptibility of a substance at an absolute temperature T is proportional to
58. A capacitor acts as an infinite resistance for
59. The core of a transformer is laminated because
60. A varying current in a coil changes from 10A to zero in 0.5 sec. if the average e.m.f induced in the coil is 220V, the self-inductance of the coil is
61. A reaction in equilibrium is represent by the following equation 2A(S)+3B(g)  ⇌  3C(g)+D(g)+O2(g)if the pressure on the system is reduced to half of its original value
62. An AC source producing emf ԑ = ԑo[cos(100 π s-1) t+cod(500 π s-1)t] is connected in series with a capacitor and a resistor. The steady-state current in the circuit is found to be i1=i2 cos[(100 π s-1)t+ϕ1]+t2 cos[(500 π s-1)t+ ϕ2]
63. A transformer has 50 turns in the primary and 100 in the secondary. If the primary is connected to a220 V DC supply, what will be the voltage across the secondary?
64. According to low of mass action rate of a chemical reaction is proportional to
65. The magnetic susceptibility is negative for:
66. For the reaction : H2(g)+CO2(g) ⇌  CO(g), if the initial concentration of [H2]=[CO2] and x moles/litre of hydrogen is consumed at equilibrium , the correct experession of Kp is
67. Kp for the following reaction at 700 K is 1.3 X 10-3 atm-1 the Kc at same temperature for the reaction 2SO2+O2-2SO3 will be
68. For vaporization of water at 1 atmospheric pressure, the value of H and S are 40.63 kj mol -1 and 108.8JK-1 mol -1, respectively. The temperature when Gibbs energy change( G) for this tranformation will be zero is
69. A long solenoid of diameter 0.1 m has 2x104 turns per meter. At the centre of the solenoid , a coil of 100 turns and 0.01 m is placed with its axis coinciding with the solenoid axis. The current in the solenoid reduces at a constant rate to 0A from 4 A in 0.05 s. if the resistance of the coil is 10π2Ω. The total charge flowing through the coil during this time is:-
70. An inductor may store energy in
71. A coil in the shape of an equilateral triangle of side l is suspended between the pole pieces of a permanent magnet such that B ⃗  is in the plane of the coil. If due to a current i in the triangle a torque  acts on it, the side l of the triangle is
72. In which of the following case Kp is less than Kc
73. At 700 K, the equilibrium constant KP for the reaction 2SO3(g)  ⇌ 2SO2(g)+O2 is 1.80 x 10-3 and kPa is 14, (R=8.314 JK-1 mol-1). The numerical value in moles perlitre of KC for this reaction at the same temperature will be
74. How much energy is released when 6 mole of octane is burnt in air? Given Hof for CO2(g), H2O (g) and C8 H18(liq) respectively are -490, -240 and +160 kJ/mol
75. For the reaction N2(g)+O2(g) ⇌ 2NO(g), the equilibrium constant is K1. The equilibrium constant is K2. For the reaction
2NO2(g) +O2(g) ⇌ 2NO2(g)

What is Kc for the reaction
NO2(g) ⇌ 1/2 N2(g)+O2(g)?
76. A conducting circular loop is placed in a uniform magnetic field, B=0.025 T with its plane perpendicular to the loop. The radius of the loop is made to shrink at a constant rate of 1 mm s-1 . the induced e.m.f. when the radius is 2 cm, is
77. Of the following which change will shift the reaction towards the product
I2(g) ⇌ 21(g), Ho r(298K) =+150 KJ.
78. The vapour density of undecomposed N2O4 is 46. When heated, vapour density decreases to 24.5 due to its dissociation to NO2.the % dissociation of N2O4 at the final temperature is
79. Curie temperature is the temperature above which
80. In an isobaric process, the ratio of heat supplied to the system (dQ) and work done by the system (dW) for diatomic gas is
81. One gram sample of NH4 NO3 is decomposed in a bonb calorimeter. The temperature of the calorimeter increases by 6.12 K. the heat capacity of the system is 1.23 Kj/g/deg. What is the molar heat of decomposition for NH4 NO3?


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