Online NEET Exam Set III

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1. Vertical ranges of two projectiles fired with same speed with complementary angles with horizontal are 40m and 90m. Their horizontal range is:
2. PCl5 exist, but NCl5 does not exist because
3. Among the following species identify the isostructural pairs
NF3,NO3-, BF3H3O+,HN3
4. Which of the following has highest magnetic moment?
5. Arrange Ce3+, La3+, Pm3+ and Yb3+ in increasing order of their ionic radii.
6. The endoskeleton of animals of Echinodermata consists of :-
7. Pick out the statement that does not apply to bryophytes.
8. A train 200m long travelling at 30 m/sec overtakes another train 300m long travelling in same direction at 20 m/sec. The time taken by the first train to completely pass the second train is:
9. The d-electron configuration of Cr2+, Mn2+, Fe2= and Co2+ are d4, d5, d6 and d7 Which one of the following will exhibit minimum paramagnetic behaviour?
10. For an object thrown at 45ᴼ to the horizontal, the maximum height H and horizontal range R related as:
11. The spin only magnetic moment of Mn4+ ion is nearly.
12. Which of the following is /are not characteristics of the class Osteichthyes?

Body is stermlined and mouth is terminal.

Girls are covered by operculum

Skin covered with cycloid and placoid scales

Many of them are viviparous

13. Offset is one internode long runner and its each node vears rosette of leaves and a tuft of roots. It is found in aquatic plants like :-
14. Select the correct options about algae :-
15. Which bond angle θ would result in the maximum dipole moment for the triatomic molecule YXY?
16. The bond order inion between C-O is
17. Angiosperms, functional megaspore develops into :-
18. A feature absent in annelids is :-
19. Zinc does not show variable valency like d-block elements because
20. The basic component of the smog is
21. Protista from a link with :–
22. The following flow chart summeriuses the evolurionary relationships and characteristics of the major phyla of animals.

The correct order of phyla 4,5,14,12, 13, 9 and 15 is

23. If the velocity of a partical is v = At + Bt2, where A and B are constants, then the distance travelled by it between 1s and 2s is:
24. The characteristics of class Reptilia are :-
25. Spores Dispersal in mosses occurs by
26. I. Growth II. Reproduction III. Response to stimuli IV. Metabolism
V. Adaptations

Which of the above features are generally characteristic of life?
27. The position of a particle at any time t(in s) in a plane is given by r =(3t2ȋ +tĵ)m. The velocity of the particle at t =2s is:
28. Which is a Mollusca?

Which of the following pairs has the same size?

30. Two balls X and Y are thrown from top of tower one vertically upward and other vertically downward with same speed. If time taken by them to reach the ground is 6 sec and 2 sec respectively, then the height of the tower and initial speed of each ball are (g =10 m/sec2):
31. A particle is projected with a velocity v such that its range on the horizontal plane is twice the greatest height attained by it. The range of the projectile is (where, g is acceleration due to gravity):
32. In which of the following the central atom does not use sp3 hybrid orbitals in its bonding
33. A true moss is that :-
34. At least half of the total CO2 fixation on earth is carried out through photosynthesis by :-
35. The acid having o-o Bond is
36. What is the importance of pteridophytes?
37. Classical smog occurs in places of
38. Roots developing from plants other than radicle are :-
39. Some animals are given in the list below-
Asterias, Pila, Echinus, Antedon, Pinctada, Cucumaria, Octopus, Loligo, Ophirua, Dentalium .
How many animals among these are related to the second largest phylum of animals?
40. Electrons in a paramagnetic compound are
41. Which of the following generations occurs in seed of gymnosperms?
42. Choose the incorrect statement for bryophyte :-
43. A body is thrown with velocity 20 m/s at an angle of 60ᴼ with the horizontal. Find the time gap between the two positions of body where velocity of body makes an angle of 30ᴼ with horizontal:
44. Of the following outer electronic configurations of atoms, the highest oxidation state is archived by which one of them?
45. The third name in trinomial nomenclature is :-
46. A. Gymnosperms are heterosporous.
B. Bryophytes have well developed vessels and sieve tubes.
C. strobilus is found in the main plant body of equisetum
D. Antheridia are absent but archegonia are present in bryophytes.
47. Which of the following element has maximum first ionisation potential?
48. For a projectile (range)2 is 48 times of (maximum height )2 Find the angle of projection.
49. Which of the following trivalent ions has the largest atomic radii in the lanthanide series?
50. Biological organisation beings at :-
51. Which one of the following statements is not true?
52. The initial velocity of a particle is 20 m/sec and its retardation is 2 m/sec2. The distance moved by the particle in 10th second of its motion is:
53. The majority of bacteria are :-
54. Which Forms interstitial compounds?
55. Which of the following is correct :–
56. Which one is correct?
1. Sponges : Cellular level of organization
2. Cnidaria : Tissue level of organization
3. Platyhelminthes : organ level of organization
4. Annelids, arthropods, molluscs, echinoderms andchordates : organ system level of organization
57. Sago is obtained from :-
58. Following chordata is not a vertebrate.
59. Stilt roots are reported from :-
60. A ball is projected with kinetic energy E at an angle of 45ᴼ to the horizontal. At the highest point during its flight, its kinetic energy will be:
61. All protozoans are :-
62. In Gymnosperms, the female gametophyte is retained within
63. Which of the following does not have a coordinate bond?
64. Rain is falling at an angle 30ᴼ with vertical with velocity 2 m/s. It may appear to fall vertically to a man who is running with a speed:
65. When NH3 is treated with HCL, state of hybridisation on Central Nitrogen
66. Which Type of organisation is found in only living being :-
67. The unit vector along ȋ + ǩ is:
68. Linnaeus evolved a system of nomenclature :- 
69. Carbon monoxide is harmful to human beings as it
70. Which of the following is commonly called ‘Pearl oyster’
72. Binomal nomenclature means :-
73. Which of the following statements about euglena is true?
74. The order of dipole moments of the following molecules is
75. The velocity of a projectile at the initial point A is (2ȋ +3ĵ)m/s. Its velocity (in m/s) at point B is:
76. Which one is correct about Trypanosoma?
77. Which of the following traits is not characteristic of amphibians?
78. Presence of sheathing leafbase covering the stem partially or wholly is the characteristic of certain :–
79. A solid (A) which has photographic effect reacts with the solution of a sodium salt (B) to give a pale yellow ppt. (C). Sodium salt on heating gives brown vapours. Identify A,B and C
80. Number of bonds in SO2
81. A taxon is :–
82. What displacement must be added to the displacement 25ȋ -6ĵm to give a displacement of 7.0m pointing in the x-direction?
83. A boy throws a water filled balloon at an angle of 53ᴼ with horizontal with a speed of 10 m/s. A car is coming towards the boy at a constant speed of 5 m/s. If the balloon is to hit the car, how far should the car be when balloon is thrown?
84. Match the name of the animal (column i) with on characteristics (column ii), and the phylum/class(column iii)to which it belongs:

85. Which one is wrongly matched?
86. Cyanobacteria are :-
87. Which of the following feature of bony fish is missing in cartilaginous fishes
88. A body is released from the top of a tower of height h. It takes t sec to reach the ground. Where will be the ball after time t/2 sec:
89. Identify the alloy containing a non-metal as a constituent in it.
90. One of the following is not a root vegetable :–
91. The incorrect match :-
92. From the following which group of elements easily forms cation
93. What is the function of thin flexible petiole?
94. Cytotaxonomy is connected with :-
95. Parasitic Adaptations of flatworms :-
96. Which one of the following characteristics is not shared by birds and mammals ?
97. Given that the displacement of an oscillating particle is given by y= A sin (Bx + Ct +D). The dimensional formula for (ABCD) is:
98. Leaves-
99. A particle moves along a straight line such that its position at any time t is given by
            X =(t3 -3t2 +3)m
The displacement when the acceleration becomes zero is:
100. Chrysophytes are :-
101. Which of the following ions will exhibit colour in aqueous solutions?
102. Thron of Citrus and Bougainvillea is modified :–
103. Three particles A, Band C are projected from the same point with the same initial speeds making angles 30ᴼ, 45ᴼ and 60ᴼ, respectively, with the horizontal. Which of the following statements is correct?
104. If particle is moving eastwards with a velocity of 5m/s .In 10s the velocity changes to 5m/s. northwards. The average acceleration in this time is:
105. Usually Plant body of brown algae consists of :-
106. Which of the following organisms do not reproduces?
107. Match the column I with column II and select a correct option.
108. Galileo writes that for angles of projection of a projectile at angles (45ᴼ+ α ) and (45- α) , the horizontal ranges described by the projectile are in the ratio of:
109. The unit vector perpendicular to the vectors 6ȋ + 2ĵ + 3ǩ and 3ȋ - 6ĵ - 2ǩ is:
110. KMnO4 in basic medium is reduced to
111. The system develops from :-
112. Green algae have cell wall made uo of :-
113. Sexual reproduction shows considerable variation in the type and formation of sex cells in genus.
114. Which one of the following is not a characteristic feature of mammals
116. Regions of root from base to root tip are :–
117. Three vectors satisfy the relation A.B = 0 and A.C = 0, then A is paralled to:
118. Two plants are taxonomically related if :-
119. Among of the following configurations of transition metals, which shows the highest oxidation state?
120. A few millimetres above the root cap is the region of  :–
121. A stone thrown upward with speed u attains maximum height h1. Another stone thrown upward from the same point with speed 3u attains maximum height h2, such that:
122. A stone is shot straight upward with a speed of 20m/sec from a tower 200m high. The speed with which it strikes the ground is approximately:
123. The ceiling of a hall is 40m high. For maximum horizontal distance, the angle at which the ball may be thrown with speed of 56m s-1 without hitting the ceiling the hall is:
124. The maximum number of hydrogen bonds formed by a water molecule in ice is
125. First act in taxonomy is-
126. Match the column I with Column II-
127. If force (F), velocity (v) and time(T) are taken as fundamental units, then the dimensions of mass are:
128. An aeroplane moving horizontally at a speed of 200m/s and at a height of 8.0 x 103m is to drop a bomb on a target. At what horizontal distance from the target should the bomb be released
129. Fresh water sponge is :-
130. Which of the following are autotrophs?
131. The speed of a projectile at its maximum height is half of its initial speed. The angle of projection is:
132. Which of the statement is not true?
133. Root formed from prolongation of radicle is :-
134. Which oxide of manganese is amphoteric?
135. Cell division occurs__________ in plants and __________ in animals
136. A stone is projected from the ground with velocity 50m/s at an angle of 30ᴼ.It crosses a wall after 3 sec. How far beyond the wall the stone will strike the ground?(g=10 m/s2)
137. Which is viviparous (give birth to young ones)?
138. The equation of trajectory of projectile is Y = 10x –(5/9) x2. If we assume g = 10ms-2 then the range of projectile (in metre) is:
139. At two points P and Q of a projectile motion of a particle, the speeds are same. Point P is on the path during upward motion and Q is during its downward motion. At P, velocity vector makes an angle θ with horizontal while at Q, velocity vector makes an angle 2θ with vertical. θ is equal to:
140. Which one of the following statements regarding photochemical smog is not correct?
141. Chemptaxonomy is connected with :-
142. Following are few examples of bony fishes. Find out the marine bony fishes
143. Which one of the following Oxides is ionic?
144. Which of the following is a key evolution of the insecta?
145. Branched stem is found in :-
146. Which of the following traits is not shared by both the hemichordate and chordate?
147. Yong’s modulus of steel is 1.9 x 1011 Nm-2. When expressed in CGS units of dyne/cm2, it will be equal to (1N= 105 dyne, 1m2 = 104 cm2)
148. Metabolic reactions take place :-
149. Acidified solution of potassium dichromate on treatment with H2O2 yields.
150. The horizontal range and the maximum height of a projectile are equal. The angle of projection of the projectile is:
151. Amongst the following, the lowest degree of paramagnetism per mole of the compound at 298 K will be shown by
152. Bonds present in CuSO4.5H2O is
153. Choose the false option :-
154. If a particle is thrown with velocity more than 10 m/sec vertically upward, then the distance travelled by the particle in last second of its ascent is:
155. Evidence for the reptilian origin of birds is the occurrence of :-
156. Seed plants are all :-
157. In an experiment, four quantities a, b, c and d are measured with percentage error 1%, 2%, 3% and 4% respectively. Quantity p is calculated as follows
P=a3b2/cd, %error in P is:
158. Freon used as refrigerant is
159. A ball thrown vertically upwards. Which of the following velocity v/s time curve represent this motion

160. Bacteria occur :-
161. You have discovered an animal having following characters like-
Triploblastic, bilateral symmetry coelomate, chitinous exoskeleton, head + Thorax and abdomen as body parts,  jointed appendages
You would like to place the animal under-

A,B,C,D and E are respectively-
163. A man rows boat with a speed of 18km/hr in northwest direction. The shoreline makes an angle of 15ᴼ south of west. Obtain the component of the velocity of the boat along the shoreline.
164. Among the following, compound that is both paramagnetic and coloured is
165. The highest magnetic moment is shown by the transition metal ion with the outer electronic configuration
166. Among the following series of transition metal ions, the one in which all metal ions have 3d2-electronic configurations
(Atomic number : Ti=22,V=23,Cr=24, Mn=25)
168. As the p-character increases, the bond angle in hybrid orbitals formed by s and atomic orbitals
169. A body is projected vertically up with velocity ‘u’ and after some time it returns to the starting point. The average speed and average velocity of the body is:
170. Bionomial nomenclature seems to be difficult because a scientific name is derived from :-
171. Time taken by an object falling freely from rest to cover the first 4m and first 9m is t1 and t2 The ratio t1:t2 is:
172. Some plants of arid regions modify their stems into flattened (Opuntia), or fleshy cylindrical (Euphorbia) green structures called :-
173. In Bryophytes and Pteridophytes, transport of male gametes requires :-
174. Pneumatophores are useful in :–
175. A cart is moving horizontally along a straight line with constant speed 30m/s. A projectile is to be fired from the moving cart in such a way that it will return to the cart after the cart has moved 80m. At what speed (relative to the cart) must the projectile be fired (take g=10 m/s2);
176. Father of taxonomy is :-
177. Bryophytes include :-
178. From the top of tower 40m high, a projectile is thrown up with a velocity of 10m/s, at an angle 45ᴼ with the horizontal. The horizontal distance where projectile strikes the ground:
179. Protista includes :-
180. Which one of the following shows isogamy with non-flagellated gametes?


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