Online NEET Exam Set II

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1. A particle A has charge +q and a particle B has charge +4q with each them having the same mass m. when allowed to fall from rest through the same electric potential difference, the ratio of their speeds Av / Bv will be
2. Which one of the following is a mineral of iron?
3. The process by which O2 rich atmospheric air is drawn in and CO2 rich alveolar air is released out is
4. A voltmeter has resistance of G ohm and range of V into a voltmeter of range n V volt is
5. Aluminium metal is purified by:
6. The globular head of HMM is an active ATPase enzyme and has
a. ATP binding sites
b. Actin binding sites
c. Myosin binding sites
d. troponin binding sites
e. Calcium binding sites
7. A galvanometer has 25 divisions and resistance of 50 Ω. a current of 4104 A gives a deflection of one division. to convent this galvanometer into voltmeter having a range of 25 V, it should be connected with a resistance of
8. Castle’s intrinsic factor is connected with internal absorption of
9. Afferent nerve fibres carry impulses from
10. Fish brought out of water dies because of
11. The most important ore of tin is
12. Adsorption due to strong chemical forces is called 
13. Fill in the blanks:
1. On an average, …a… of blood is filtered by the kidneys per minute which constitute roughly …b… of the blood pumped out by each ventricle of the heart in a minute.
2. The glomerular capillary blood pressure causes filtration of blood through three layers, i.e., the …c… of glomerular blood vessels, the …d… of bowman’s capsule and a basement …e… between these two layers
14. Which disease does not occur in infants younger than six months?
15. A long solenoid has 200 turns per cm and carries a current i. the magnetic field at its centre is 6.2810^-2 W m^-2. Another long solenoid has 100 turns per cm and carries i/3. The value of magnetic at its centre is 
16. Which one of the following ores is a chloride?
17. Purification of aluminium is called
18. Hymosin is responsible for
19. Which is correct in case of van der Waals adsorption?
20. Different types of excretory structures and animals are given below. Match them appropriately and mark the correct answer from among those given below:

21. Pressure within the lungs is called
22. Which hormone causes dilation of blood vessels, increased oxygen consumption and glucogenesis?
23. Recognise the figure and find out the correct matching.
24. Heart is neurogenic in
25. Determine the magnetic field at O due to the current I through the circuit as shown in figure

26. Energy in a current carrying coil is stored in the form of
27. Milk is a colloid in which
28. What is the magnetic field at a distance R from a coll of radius r carrying current I?
29. Match the columns I and II, and choose the correct combination from the options given.

30. Read the following statements and find out the incorrect statement.
31. The cell named podocytes occurs in
32. The method of Zone refining of metals is based on the principle of
33. On adding few drops of dilute HCl or FeCl3 to freshly precipitated ferric hydroxide a red-colored colloidal solution is obtained. The phenomenon is known as
34. Secondary sexual characters in makes develop under the influence of
35. Which type of joint has a fluid filled cavity for significant role in locomotion?
36. Which of the following is correct regarding the following diagram of the reduction of haematite.
37. A circular loop of area 0.01 m2 carrying a current of 10 A, is held perpendicular to a magnetic field of intensity 0.1 T. the torque acting on the loop is
38. Match the columns I and II, and choose the correct combination from the options given. 

39. Choose the correct answer among the following options.

40. Recognise the figure and find out the correct matching.
41. Calcination is used in metallurgy for removal of
42. An element d =d x i (where dx=1cm) is placed at the origin and carries a large current I=10 A. what is the magnetic field on the y-axis at a distance f 0.5 m?
43. A beam of protons with a velocity 4105 ms-1 enters the uniform magnetic field of 0.3 T at an angle of 60 degree to the magnetic field. Find the radius of the helical path taken by the proton beam. Also, find the pitch of the helix, given mass of proton =1.6710^-27 kg.
44. The cerebral cortex contains
45. Catalyst used in the oxidation of SO2SO3
46. If the dispersed phase is a liquid and the dispersion medium is a solid, the colloid is known as a/an
47. Which one is present in tunica media?
48. At a specific instant, emission of radioactive compound is deflected in a magnetic field. The compound can emit
49. Pars distaliss produces GH,PRL,TSH, ACTH, LH and FSH.
50. A long straight wire of radius a carries a steady current I. the current is uniformly distributed across its cross section. the ratio o f the magnetic field at a/2 and 2a is
51. Recognise the figure and find out the correct matching
52. Which of the following vitamins are produced by symbiotic bacteria in humans?
53. A long straight wire of radius a carries a steady current i. the current is uniformly distributed across its cross-section. The ratio of the magnetic field at a/2 and 2a is
54. What is the osmolarity ( in mosmal L-1 ) in the outer cortex and inner medulla region?
55. Body coordination is maintained by

56. Extension of sympathetic nervous system is
57. Which one of the following characteristics is associated with adsorption?
58. If x is the amount of adsorbate and m is the amount of adsorbent, which of the following relations is not related to adsorption process?
59. A coil in the shape of an equilateral triangle of side l is suspended between the pole pieces of a permanent magnet, such that B is in plane of the coil. If due to a current l in the triangle, torque acts on it the side l of the triangle is
60. Match the columns I and II, and choose the correct combination from the options given.

61. Match items of Column I with the items of Column II and assign the correct code:

62. An α-particle crosses a space without any deflection. If electric field E = 8106 Vm-1 and the magnetic field is B = 1.6 T, the velocity of the particle is
63. Blood pressure is controlled by
64. In small intestine, active absorption occeurs in case of
65. The matte is impure substance obtained during the extraction of
66. Match the columns I and II, and choose the correct combination from the options given .

67. Magnetic field due a bar magnet 2 cm long having a pole strength of 100 am at a point 10 cm from each pole is
68. Two identical wires A and B have the same length L and carry the same current I. wire A is bent into a circle of radius R and B is bent to form a square of side a. if B1 and B2 are the values of magnetic induction at the center of the circle and the center of the square respectively, then the ratio B1/B2 is
69. In hydrogen atom an electron is making 6.610^-15  rps around the nucleus in an orbit of radius 0.523Å.calculate the equivalent magnetic dipole moment.
70. Fill in the blanks :
⦁ ..a.. provides energy and organic materials for growth and repair of tissues.
⦁ Each tooth is embedded in a socket of jaw bone. This type of attachment is called …b…
⦁ An adult human has 32 permanent teeth which are of four different types. This is called ..c.. dentition.
⦁ Majority of mammals including human being forms two sets of teeth during their life. This type of dentition is called ..d.. .
71. Which one of the following statements in incorrect about enzyme catalysis?
72. Match the columns I and II, and choose the correct combination from the options given.

73. The intensity of earth’s magnetic field at the surface of earth is of the order of
74. Vomit centre is located in
75. Lyophilic sols are more stable than lyophobic sols because their particles are
76. Forced deep breathing during rest for some time is followed by temporary Stoppage of breathing because of
77. Erythroblastosis foetalis can be avoided by administering …a…to the …b… immediately after the delivery of the …c… child.
78. A wire carries a current 3 A and consists of a circular arc of radius 5 cm and central angle π/2 rad, and the two straight sections intersect at the centre of the arc when produced. Calculate the magnetic field at the centre of the arc.
79. Which of the following is a carbonate ore ?
80. In majority of nephrons the loop of Henle is too short and extends only very little into medulla. Such nephrons are called
81. A tadpole with surgically removed thyroid gland can be made to metamorphose if
82. Which of the following statements is correct ?
83. Ellingham diagram represents:
84. The limbic system or limbic lobe is formed by

a. Hippocampus
b. amygdale
c. hypothalamus
d. outer parts of cerebral hemispheres
e. Inner parts of cerebral hemispheres
85. Calculate the field at the centre of a semicircular wire of radius r shown in figure if straight wires are of infinite length.

86. Disease caused by hyper-or-hypo secretion of thyroxine is
87. Depolarisation of nerve cell involves
88. Excessive stimulation of vagus nerve may lead to
89. Match the followings and mark the correct option.
90. the magnetic field to a straight conductor of uniform cross-section of radius a and carrying a steady current is represented by

91. Recognise the figure and find out the correct matching.

92. A charged particle of mass m and charge q moves along a circular path of radius r that is perpendicular to a magnetic field B. the time taken by the particle to compound one revolution is
93. Match the columns I and II, and choose the correct combination from the options given.

94. Read the Following Statements and find out the incorrect statement(s).
a. The binding of CO2 with haemoglobin is related to the partial pressure of CO2. pO2 is a magor factor which could affect this binding.
b. when pCO2 is low and pO2 is high as in the alveoli, more binding of CO2 occurs, whereas when the pCO2 is high and pO2 is low as in the Tissues dissolution of CO2 from Carbamino –haemoglobin takes places.
c. At the tissue site, where partial pressure of CO2 is high due to catabolism, CO2 diffuses into blood (RBCs and plasma) and forms HCO3- and H+at the alveolar site where pCO2 is low, the reaction proceeds in the opposite direction leading to the formation of CO2 and H2O.
d. Oxygen dissociation curve is highly useful in studying the effect of factor like pCO2, H+ concentraction, etc.. on binding of O2 with Haemoglobin
95. A, B and C are parallel conductors of equal length carrying currents I, I and 21 respectively. Distance between A and B is x. distance between B and C is also x. F1 is the force exerted by B on A. F2 is the force exerted by C on A. choose the correct answer.

96. The ore carnallite is represented by structure:
97. Which one of the following options is incorrect?
98. Match the columns I and II, and choose the correct combination from the options given .
99. Match the columns and find out the correct combination.

100. In circulatory system, valves occur in
101. A galvanometer coil has a resistance of 10 Ω and the meter shown full scale deflection for a current of 1 mA . The shunt resistance required to convent the galvanometer into an ammeter of range 0-100 mA is about
102. Physical adsorption is inversely proportional to the
103. Read the following statements and find out the incorrect statements.
a. All vertebrates and a few invertebrates have a closed circulatory system.
b. Hypertension leads to heart disease and also affects vital organs like brain and lungs.
c. CAD affects the vessels that supply blood to the skeletal muscles
d. In angina, a symptom of chronic chest pain appears when no enough oxygen is reaching the heart muscle.
e. Heart attack means the state of heart when it is not pumping blood effectively enough to meet the needs of the body
104. Neural signal through autonomic nervous system (ANS) can
a. Increase the heart beat rate
b. Decrease the heart beat rare
c. Increase the strength of ventricular contraction
d. Decrease the speed of conduction of action potential
e. Increase cardiac output
f. decrease cardiac output
105. Movement of colloidal particles under the influence of the electrostatic field is
106. A proton and an α-particle moving with the same velocity enter into a uniform magnetic field, acting normal to the plane of their motion. The ratio of the radii of the circular paths described by the proton and α-particle is
107. EDTA injected into muscles combines with Ca2+ and
108. The Efferent arteriole emerging from the glomerulus forms a fine capillary network around the renal tubule called the
109. The brain can be divided into

110. In the metallurgy of iron, the upper layer obtained in the bottom of blast furnace mainly contains:
111. Action potential of a nerve cell is
112. Noble gases are adsorbed by
113. Native silver metal forms a water soluble complex with a dilute aqueous solution of NaCN in the presence of
114. To produce a magnetic field of π tesla at the centre of circular of diameter I m, the current flowing through loop is
115. Inspiration is initiated by the contraction of
116. A proton, a deuteron and an alpha particle with some K.E. enter a region of uniform magnetic field B at right angles to the field. the ratio of the radii of their path is
117. Fill in the blanks.
1. A nerve impulse is …a… from one neuron to another through junctions called …b… .
2. …c… of an impulse across electrical synapses is very similar to impulse …d… along a single axon.
118. JGA is special sensitive region formed by cellular modifications is the
119. Read the following statements and find out the incorrect statement.
120. Conversion of fibrinogen to fibrin is catalysed by
121. Which of the following is not an ore of magnesium?
122. Read the following statements and find out the incorrect statements.

123. Which method of purification is represented by the equation
124. Formation of hypertonic urine is medicated through
125. Association areas are responsible for compiled functions like
126. Magnetic field at the centre of a current carrying circular loop having 1 A current and number of turns one will be (radius of the loop is 1 m)
127. An electron having mass m, charge q and kinetic energy E enters a uniform magnetic field B people particularly. Then its frequency of rotation will be
128. The current scientific definition of the hormone is
129. In a bohr model of hydrogen atom, the electron circulates around the nucleus in the path f radius 5.110^-11 m at a frequency of 6.810^-15 rev/s. calculate the magnetic induction B at the centre of the orbit. What is the equivalent dipole moment?
130. An electron is travelling along encounters a magnetic field in the Y-direction. Its subsequent motion will be
131. A rectangular loop carrying a current I1 is near a long straight wire carrying a steady current I2. The wire is parallel to one of the sides of the loop and is in the plane of the loop as shown in the figure.  

Then the current loop will
132. Two concentric colls each of radius equal 2 π cm are placed at right angle to each other. 3 A and 4 A are the currents flowing in each coil respectively. the magnetic induction (in Wb m-2) at the centre of the coils (µo=4π10^-7Wb A^-1) will be
133. Number of nephrons of a kidney are equal to
134. Liquid-liquid sol is known as
135. The mass of proton is 1.610-27 kg. the proton enters the magnetic field of 2T at an angle 30o with the direction of the field . the velocity of the proton is 2107 ms-1. The radium of the path described by proton is
136. A charged particle (charge q) is moving in a circle of radius R with uniform speed v. The associated magnetic movement µ is given by
137. The ratio of time period of α particle to that of proton circulating with same speed in the same uniform magnetic field is
138. Which of the following pairs of metals is purified by van Arkel method?

Two short magnets of equal dipole moments M are fastened perpendicularly at their centre. The magnitude of the magnetic field at a distance d from the centre on the bisector of the right angle is

140. Alfonso corti was a/an
141. The equation for Freundlich adsorption isotherm is
142. Find the correct match.

143. Which of the following reaction is a part of Serpeck’s process?
144. Match the columns I and II, and choose the correct combination from the options given.
145. Which is an alloy of aluminium?
146. Fill in the blanks:
⦁ The opening of the stomach ib duodenum is eegulated by ..a..
⦁ Opening of the common hepato-panceratic duct is faced matter is called ..c..
⦁ The structure which prevents the back flow of faecal matter is called ..c..
⦁ A muscular structure that regulates the opening of oesophagus into stomach is called ..d..
147. Volume of air that remain in the lungs after a normal expiration is called
148. A bundle of nodal fibres, which continues from the AVN which passed through the atrio-ventricular septa to emerge on the top of the inter-ventricular septum is called
149. If only 2% of the main current is to be passed through a galvanometer of resistance G, then the resistance of the shunt will be
150. The intestinal juice, succus entericus is secreted by
151. Which is not a purely surface phenomena?
152. Recognise the figure and find out the correct matching.

153. Following is the variation of physical adsorption with temperature:

154. 2CuCO3.Cu(OH)2 is the formula of
155. In the extraction of copper from its sulphide ore, the metal is finally obtained by the reduction of cuprous oxide with 
156. Fill in the blanks:
1. The …a… is utilised by the organisms to indirectly breakdown nutrient molecule like glucose to derive …b… for performing various activities.
2. For catabolism, …c… has to be continuously provided to the cells and …d… produced by cells have to be released out
157. Recognise the figure and find out the correct matching
158. Two long straight wires are connected by a circular section that has a radius r as shown in the figure. All segments of the wire lie in the same plane and carry steady current I. the magnetic field at centre O of the circular segment is

159. Recognise the figure and find out the correct matching.
160. Fill in the blanks.
a. The light band contains actin and is called …1… band.
b. The thick flaments in the …2… band are held together in the middle of this band by a thin fibrous membrane called …3… line.
c. In the centre of each ‘I’ band is an elastic fibre called …4… line which bisects it.
d. The central portion of the thick filament which is not overlapped by thin filaments is called the … ‘5’…
161. Heating of ore in presence of air to remove sulphur impurities is called
162. A deuteron of kinetic energy 50 ke V is describing a circular orbit of radius 0.5 m in a plane perpendicular to magnetic field. the kinetic energy of the proton that describes a circular orbit of radius 0.5 m in the same plane with the Same is
163. Specific gravity of milk can be measured by:
164. Fog is a colloidal solution of:
165. Match the columns I and II, and choose the correct combination from the options given.
166. Major form (s) of nitrogenous wastes excreted by the animals is / are
167. The protecting power of lyophilic colloidal solution is expressed in terms of
168. Flux is used to remove
169. The molecular formula of cryolite is
170. Size of colloidal particles varies from
171. Calculate the magnetic field at the centre of a coil in the form of a square of side 4 cm carrying a current of 5 A.
172. Which is correct about joint diastole?

a. Bicuspid and tricuspid valves are open
b.Bicuspid and tricuspid valves are closed
c. Semilunar valves are open
d. semilunar valves are closed
173. Release of chemical messenger from synaptic vesicles is triggered by
174. In the absence of enterokinase, digestion of which component world of which component be affected in intestine
175. The magnetic moment has dimensions of
176. When a charged particle moves perpendicular to a magnetic field, the
177. The opening of the right and the left ventricles into the pulmonary artery and the aorta respectively are provided with the
178. Effective net filtration pressure in the glomerulus in kidney of man is about
179. Secretion(s) released in the small intestine is/are
180. The anatomical setup of lungs in thorax is such that any change in the volume of the …a.. will be reflected in the …b…


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